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Confessions of A Divorce Lawyer

Confessions of A Divorce Lawyer

Keeping Some Green in Gray Divorce

“Divorce can be painful — emotionally and financially — for anyone. But when the split happens later in life, the less time you have to recover from the economic hit. And, the more is at stake.”

How to Talk to Children About Divorce

Psychology Today, October 22, 2015 “Mommy, why is Daddy going away?” “Daddy, why do you hate Mommy?” “Do […]

3 Ways To Avoid Money Mistakes in a Divorce

Time/Money online (July 13, 2016) Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Divorce is complicated — emotionally, legally […]

Will My Divorce Affect My Social Security Benefits?

Time/Money online (August 23, 2016) Divorce is not only emotionally traumatic, but it can blow a hole in […]

Telling Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

You have been unhappy with your marriage for years. And for the last two or three years you have been thinking about divorce, even fantasizing what life would be like if you were free. You have distanced from your spouse and have been in separate bedrooms for a year.