Stahly LLC prides itself in assisting clients to meet life’s challenges. We practice only family law, so you will have a law firm with very focused skills that you can trust at such a critical time. Stahly LLC draws on its experience to assist clients in a variety of ways to help resolve their case. We use extra effort to work collaboratively throughout the process, even where the other side of the case is being oppositional.
These ways include use of the traditional litigation model, a pre-filing settlement model, a mediation/negotiation settlement model, and to rely on unique tools such as Informed Divorce®.



Confessions of A Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are — at best — hard for everyone involved. At worst, they are something akin to emotional and financial armageddon. And one of the reasons why divorce can be such a huge financial drag is because it’s so intensely emotional.

Sheera Gefen, a divorce attorney in New York, says a big mistake people make in the divorce process is that they “think emotionally – which is not financially practical.” Some of Gefen’s clients even come to resent it when she questions the lengths they’re willing to go to get a certain concession from their spouse. “Is it worth spending all this money, say, fighting for custody of your kids, when at the end of the day you’re the one making most of the decisions and they spend most of their time with you anyway?’” she says.

Keeping Some Green in Gray Divorce


Divorce can be painful — emotionally and financially — for anyone. But when the split happens later in life, the less time you have to recover from the economic hit. And, the more is at stake.

The “Good” Divorce


The title of this post is misleading: Divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, especially kids. I’ve never known anyone to have a “good” divorce, in that way you have a good meal or good sex—even when divorce was the right thing to do for everyone, including the kids. Divorce is horrible. It is the hardest, most painful thing I’ve ever done. And I had a “good” divorce.

New Law Changes Alimony Landscapedivorcelaw

It’s part of a national alimony reform movement, with many state legislatures seeking to either limit or standardize spousal maintenance payments.  In particular the focus has been on the lack of consistency in maintenance orders, which resulted in perceptions of unfairness and the inability to predict outcomes.